St. Michaels Church, Pensby was built in 1957.

RCL Construction has undertaken a variety of building works which included the demolition of several brick columns and the installation of a 11m steel beam to facilitate opening up the floor area of the Church. Additional works have included extensive re wiring and the installation of a new light and audio system, new ceilings throughout and the complete re decoration and carpeting of the premises. The works were undertaken between March 2015 and June 2015.

As part of the overall refurbishments the church has benefited from the creation of an open and flexible space in the nave by the removal of brick structures and pews. Improvements have been made to acoustics, lighting and finishes. A previously underused corner of the church has been turned into a welcoming prayer space. The stained glass window in the east end has been set within a white wall and is now back-lit, creating a focal point.